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An Economic Analysis of Computer Class Action Settlements and Proposal for Their Use to Fund Open Source Software
by Gregory S. Weston

In this article, Mr. Weston compares two methods of directing damages paid by computer industry defendants in class action suits: (1) traditional direct payments to identified class members and (2) a distribution to fund the development of open source software. The conclusion of this analysis is that the latter method is superior.

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Royalties Inflated by Patent Hold-Up Insufficient to Support Monopolization Claim: D.C. Circuit Rejects The FTC's Case Against Rambus
by Jack Fitzgerald

This article examines the recent decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overturning the Federal Trade Commission's finding of antitrust violations in a patent hold-up suit filed against Rambus. The article suggests actions standard setting organizations might take in light of the decision to better protect themselves from patent hold-up.

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